Sex In the News Presents : Adam and Eve Adult Store

Whitney May 7, 2012 0
Sex In the News Presents : Adam and Eve Adult Store

It’s summer time ladies and gentlemen! No need to worry about getting a summer boo for alittle sexy time! With Adam and Eve Adult Online Store, you can have sexy time with yourself!

Adam and Eve Adult Store is one of the best sex stores in the NATION!!!!! Sex is positive and shopping for sex toys should be too. Adam and Eve has taken every measure to provide you with the best in selection, quality, price, service, and information – giving you more time to ENJOY your purchase.

Now I know some of us may have significant others and from time to time things may get a little boring so what better way to spice things up than sitting down with your man and browsing through Adam and Eve’s online catalogue? Between the sexy lingerie, the toys specially designed for women, and custom made toys for men you’re BOUND to find something for you and your man.

Now not all of us are boo’d up (*cough* Charlotte and Whitney*cough*) so that may leave you a little aroused and lonely? Now all of us know a man is not always needed to achieve the big O and to conveniently stop yourself from catching arthritis in your hand Adam and Eve has some of the most innovative vibrators on their site, so give your hand a rest and see which vibrator interests you the most!

As if the toys weren’t enough, the store also has thousands of Adult DVDs. Ever had a special fantasy? Chances are if you dreamed about it Adam and Eve have a video for it. From westerns to fetishes to pirates Adam and Eve have it all.

If your not too big on browsing online and you like to the old fashion magazine catalog browsing you can request a a free one and voila! A magazine will be delivered straight to your door in a few business days.

We at 3GM are all about sexual freedom (as well as safety kids, wrap it up!) so head on over to Adam and Eve Adult Store for America’s most trusted source for adult products!

They sell things for EVERYONE! And for a very reasonable price! With that said why are you still reading this post? You should be on there website!!!

Current Promotions:
Spend $17 or more on your order and you’ll be qualified to get a free mystery DVD or sex toy with your order! Make sure to check the box at checkout to confirm your free gift!

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