7 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

Briana May 1, 2012 0
7 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

Who’s doesn’t like kissing? It’s one of the greatest things ever and there are some many different ways to do it. Next time you lock lips think about these 7 things that will make you more in love with kissing…or maybe not.

1. Kissing is Healthy
Yep, we said it. Kissing is actually good for you. It prevents tooth decay, helps circulation, relieves headaches, and improves your skin. So next time you get a pimple, just grab someone and start kissing! It will be gone in minutes! Well, I’m not to sure that’s how it works, but it’s worth a shot. Right?

2. EskiNO Kisses
Eskimo kisses are not real. What a bummer! I love doing those. It’s been proven that Eskimo’s kiss the same way we do. It was all just a myth created by Hollywood. I wonder what else they lie to us about.

3. Kissing is GROSS!
As if it were a surprise, this mouth to mouth act passes 278 types of bacteria. EEEEWWWWW! That’s probably why you should only be kissing one person.

4. Kissing is a Sport
In a passionate kiss, I’m talking a good frenchy you use 34 face muscles. Even in a peck, 2 muscles are used. Need to burn some quick calories? Just kiss for at least an hour and you’ll burn 1,560 calories.

5. Kissing is a Drug
You can get high from kissing! The endorphins released when kissing are apparently 200 times more powerful than the drug morphine! No wonder you feel airy and weightless after kissing. Let’s say no to drugs and just start kissing!

6. Kissing is Illegal
Due to it’s highly intoxicating nature kissing has been banned. Just kidding! However, kissing is illegal in some places for other reasons. In Ceder Rapids, Iowa kissing strangers is illegal. Why would you kiss a stranger anyway? In Hartford, Connecticut, woman can’t kiss their husbands on a Sunday and men with mustaches in Indiana are banned from “habitually kiss human beings.”

7. Kissing can spread Disease
We’ve all heard of the kissing disease, Mononucleosis. However, there are other disease that can be shared through swapping spit such as Herpes. Also, one woman contracted HIV from kissing, but that involved gum disease and open mouth wounds, something we won’t get into.

Bottom line, kissing is awesome! It can get you high, clear you skin and put you in jail! As long as your tonguing down one individual I think you’re in the clear.

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