Diary of a Single Girl: Movie Review- “Think Like a Man”

charlotte April 3, 2012 0

I love 3GM. Doing what I love brings so many perks which includes exclusive movie screenings and today I got to see Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man. First off let me say I LOVED IT!!!! Kevin Hart provided so much comic relief that it was hard for me to dwell on the sappy parts. Now what I really learned from the movie:

1. Sex can wait.
The world we live in today is so over sexualized, but then again we’re still animals and sex is just apart of nature as well hormones but sometimes it’s best to abstain. Meagan Good’s character decided to implore a 90 day rule and while she didn’t go the whole 90 days it worked! She waited to have sex with a guy she really liked and he fell in love. Now all of this easier said than done but it’s totally possible.

2.Lower your standards.
Sometimes the person your interested maybe lacking a few of the qualities that you like, but if they truly make you happy, who cares? Tarji P. Henson’s character tried to fight love because her man lacked certain material attributes. It’s kind of ridiculous to reject someone for trivial little things, sometimes you have to change your standards to really to be open to love. But don’t lower them too much.

3. A man has to want want to change, you can’t make him.
As women I think we are convinced that we have this magical power that can change men. I mean don’t get me wrong we do, but Gabrielle Union’s character finally stop trying to change her man and when she left him alone? He did. Men change when we let them, not when we force them.

All in all the movie was great. I laughed, I cried, I got angry. It made me realize that love is hard but it’s not non-existent. Now being that I am single I walked out feeling more alone than ever lol, but I know that my time will come. In the meantime I’ll just do me. I definitely learned a lot more but I think you guys should go check the movie out for yourself when it comes out April 20th.

Still single,
Charlie Rose

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