Beyonce’s Public Breast-Feeding

3GM March 7, 2012 0

Beyoncé was sighted apparently breast-feeding 7-week-old Blue Ivy as they both lunched with Daddy, Jay-Z, at New York City’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant during the last weekend of February. According to Us Weekly magazine:

You go girl!

Even though it’s better for babies, black mothers have much lower breast-feeding rates than white mothers. 54% of black mothers say they start out breast-feeding their infants compared to 74% of white mothers report the same, according to data released in 2010 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hopefully Bey’s decision to feed Blue Ivy at the table gave a huge boost to the cause of nursing especially for black women. The American Academy of Pediatrics breast-feeding guidelines recommends that women exclusively nurse their babies for six months.

For those who disapprove of Bey and other mothers who choose to nurse in public,mothers are staging “nurse-ins” across the U.S. to assert their right to feed their babies wherever they happen to be. In Georgia mothers are gathering in five locations to protest a local pastor’s contention that breast-feeding in public is lewd behavior and should be done discreetly in a private location.

If you wouldn’t eat lunch on a toilet, why should a baby?Sound off in the comments!

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