Why being single during the holidays rocks.

Whitney December 15, 2011 0

Between being bombarded by the corny he-went-to-Jared commercials and coupons for couple’s skating specials, it can be easy to feel miserable because you dont have a boo thing. But think about the bright side of things! Here are reasons why being single during the holidays rocks!

Fewer Presents to Purchase
Let’s be real here, shopping for your family and close friends can be more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. So having a boyfriend only adds to the holiday stress. You save time and money!!! Now you can go buy yourself those heels you’ve been eyeing at Cherry Bomb and the only stress you have is how to assemble the perfect ensemble to go with it.

Only Your Skinny Jeans Will Notice a Bit of Holiday Weight Gain
That top button from your jeans may not be as friendly with your tummy as it was the week before, but you can go home and befriend a different pair of pants until they make up. Christmas treats are truly best enjoyed during December, but with a boyfriend you might feel pressure to ignore a certain course of your meal. When you’re ridin’ solo, feel free to gorge on your favorite morsels and know you’ll take care of it later, with no justification to anyone but yourself.

Mistletoe Provides the Perfect Excuse to Kiss Whomever You’d Like
And you can do the same when the clock strikes midnight as the calendar flips pages. Go to a bar on New Years or a friend’s party around Christmas and you’ll likely have the urge to cuddle up with at least one cutie you’ve yet to meet. With mistletoe conveniently hanging and glittery disco balls opportunely descending at midnight, be brave and go kiss that guy you’ve been checking out. Everyone is happy to be celebrating, and while I’m no psychologist, I like to think that it lowers the chance of being rejected.

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