High Heel Appeal: How to walk in high heels

Briana July 27, 2011 2

Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs looks slimmer, your stomach is flatter, and your girl power soars out the roof. Unfortunately every girl doesn’t know how to do it. Check out these tips for walking in high heels.

Here’s How:

  • Practice standing in high heels in front of a full length mirror. Turn to each side and check out your profile. Good posture is everything. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and head. A good trick is to imagine that you have a string attached to the top of your head pulling it up.
  • Take a few steps in your high heels. Start off on a hard floor (not too slick), or in a room with low carpet. Thick carpet can throw off your balance.
  • Start small. If you’ve never walked in high heels before, don’t start out learning with 5 inch stilettos. Wedges are great for beginners.
  • Walk heel to toe, not toe to heel. Put your heel down first, followed by your toes. This will give you more balance and make your stride look more natural.
  • Take small steps. Wearing heels y makes your stride shorter, so you’ll need to take more steps than usual. Don’t expect to be able to walk as fast as you normally do in high heels.
  • Step as if you were walking on a straight line. When you walk with one foot in front of the other, it gives your hips the sway that models are known for. Pretend you’re walking on a line on the ground, one foot in front of the other.
  • Practice, the best way to become a pro at walking in high heels is to do it as often as possible. Practice turning and stopping without wobbling. Once you’re comfortable with this, try the same thing on different floor surfaces, and remember to start off slowly with each one. Spend a day hanging at the house wearing your heels.
  • As you grow more confident in your abilities to walk, turn, and do all the other things you might need to do in high heels, you can move up to the height of shoe you’ll be wearing on the day or night of your event – but remember to start slowly with each bit of added height. Jumping from two inch heels to four inch heels probably will not be quite as disorienting as your first step in any high heels, but it still will require patience and practice.


  • When wearing heels, always use the rail if it is available, or at least be close enough to a rail that you can reach it if you need to. When climbing steps, your entire shoe heel and sole should land firmly at once on each step.
  • If high heels are not your thing, or if this is the first time you’ll be walking a lot in high heels, you may want to consider “working your way up” to the heel height you’d like to be wearing. Start with a lower heel than the high heels you’ll be wearing out practice walking in them first, using the above steps as you work your way up through to higher heels.
  • Start off with a pair of heels that is comfortable wearing. Think rounded toes over pointy-toed shoes, work your way up to backless, or extremely flimsy high heels. Consider starting out with a chunkier high heel, as opposed to a stiletto. Start out with pump, or a sandal with an ankle strap for added support for your ankles.
  • When it comes to dancing get back in front of that mirror and practice, practice ,practice. Star out with a lower heeled shoe that you can dance safely in – or master the 2 step, side to side stepping with a little hip action but nothing dangerous. Don’t be that girl dancing in the club barefoot, it’s tacky and gross.
  • Now get to steppin!

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