His Girl has a Girlfriend: Bisexuality in Hip-Hop

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Let’s face it there is no way that you can be a self respecting woman black, white , or otherwise and not have a love/hate relationship with Hip-Hop. We love the beat and the swagger, but at the same time we compromise our selves by declaring “they’re not talking about me”  when it comes to the relentless references to “hos” , “bitches”, and “freaks”.

But has Hip-Hop sunk to even darker levels with the now common thread of bisexuality in it’s many songs? Take a look at a few of these lyrics;

And then I pimp a hoe, take a bitch to Berlin
Bitch break niggas, after that we fuck they girlfriend
My girl got a girlfriend, Chevy blue like whirlwind

— Young Dro, “Shoulder Lean”

I’m super fly
A few of my
Lady friends is super bi-
Sexuals and usually high
Might even give you a try

— T.I., “My Girl Gotta Girlfriend”

I’m a cold young midwest Cleveland representer
My bitch could take your bitch home with us

— Chip Tha Ripper, “All Talk”

Cuz having two chicks
Is better than no chicks
I’d rather just join in
Keep my girl and keep the other one too

— Ray Lavender, “My Girl Gotta Girlfriend”

Maybe cause T.I.P. girls leaving with girls
And in the morning they’ll be waking up with six girls

— T.I., “Freak Though”

It’s not just Hip-Hop but on the black community being a gay male is the lowest of the low.  You can beat women. and your mama, not take care of your kids but please please don’t be gay. Why then are lady loving ladies the ultimate accessory to the men of hip-hop?Check out this article , His Girl has a Girlfriend: On Bisexuality in Hip-Hop on Autostraddle by Britanni. She raises some really good points. And I quote;

“Lesbian rumors about Shawnna, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, and Remy Ma have circulated. And then there’s Nicki Minaj. I’ve never been a fan which is reason enough to get me shunned in these parts. It’s also reason enough for me to have actively avoided “Lil’ Freak”, her song with Usher that I’d forgotten about until Rachel reminded me. There was no half-stepping in this one. The entire song is about fetching women for him unlike the happenstance of Lavender’s song. In Minaj’s verse she tells the woman the only way to get to Usher is by proving her worthiness (read: freakiness). This will be accomplished by letting Minaj touch her “kitty cat”. It’s coercive and overall just weird that Minaj is acting as guardian to Usher’s pants. Watching the video I half expected her to emerge from underwater at some point to inform us that the royal penis is clean… Whereas the other songs rapped about these voiceless bisexual women, Minaj is actively acknowledging her role and participating in the dialogue. While she and other mainstream female artists are busy denying their queerness, male artists continue to revel in their ability to use women as a cultural currency. And not just straight ones. Not anymore. Their collection of women now includes an obsession with acquiring queer ladies (though only a specific kind).”

Britanni goes on to ask some good questions, Does the acknowledgment of queerness help the cause of homophobia in hip hop? Does it perpetuate stereotypes about bisexuality or even about lesbians? Is this more problematic than the usual flaunting of straight women?

What say you people sound off in the comments!

Read the entire article via Autostraddle

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